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    • The CaregiverSaathi App

      A combination of tools and techniques to support caregivers in managing their role as well as self-care. This app helps with routines, support systems and other resources

    • Are you a CareGIVER or a CareTAKER?

      How you see yourself and your role has a huge bearing on the kind of support you offer your loved one.

    • 6 PHASES of Caregiving

      Caregiving is a journey with 6 phases, some of these phases are overlapping and as you navigate your caregiving role, it is important to understand what this journey entails

    • What TYPE of a Caregiver are YOU?

      Each one of us is different and so our caregiving styles, approaches and therefore journeys are unique.

    • DIAGNOSTIC: 7 Elements of Caregiver Wellbeing

      Wellbeing of the Caregiver is pivotal for the wellbeing and healing of the patient/ care-receciver/ caree.

  • You are a caregiver if you care for a family member or dear one.

    When you are the one who is mainly responsible for the care and wellbeing of the loved one, you are the primary caregiver.

    If you are a primary caregiver to a loved one navigating terminal illness or chronic conditions, we are here to care for you.

    Our purpose is to create an ecosystem of wellbeing and healing for such a primary caregiver. The wellbeing of the primary caregiver is pivotal for the wellbeing and healing of the patient or the care-receiver.

    Caregiving is invisible, unrecognized, underappreciated, underserved and de-prioritized - often by caregivers themselves.

    We aspire to be the first port-of-call for your needs as you navigate this role. Additionally, we wish to create sensitivity for caregiving, in our desire to build a world that cares.


    Caregivers are often invisible, unrecognized and deprioritized, even by themselves.

    When we share our stories and feel understood, we heal.

    A space to share your story and hear about other Caregivers.


It was early in 2017 as a coach on the Self Expression and Leadership program with Landmark Education I discovered that I wanted to do something about the sick and injured animals on my streets. Till then the only thing I did was cry when I saw one and pretty much feel guilty about not being able to do anything.

My own coach in the program egged me on to take it up as a project and stop being emotional about it. Initially i was very impressed on how I went about getting know-how. One thing led to another and slowly I got immersed in this new world of animal welfare.

The first few rescues gave me a lot of satisfaction, until people started tagging me and I soon became overwhelmed with the state of street animals in the city and despair in not being able to do much.

Slowly I got drawn towards an abyss and started questioning myself, money, society god, life, existence, relationships everything...View More

~ Rashmi Bal



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