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For Corporates

Corporations significantly influence social progress since employees contribute a significant amount of time and mind space to the workplace. The tangible and intangible benefits of employee engagement and empowerment have been established at multiple levels.

Organizations need to become caregiver-friendly and build practices that support caregivers and benefit from.

  • iconProductivity:Lack of caregiver role sensitivity impacts employee stress and their contribution, quality of work and output (absenteeism and presenteeism)

  • iconEngagement: Support for personal and family well-being, addressing fear of being misunderstood or discounting of reliability, commitment or ambition

  • iconEmployee recruitment and retention:Caregiving support addresses financial, emotional and physical well-being which is attractive and also builds loyalty

  • iconReduced healthcare and indirect workplace costs

  • Caregiver Saathi™: Partners with corporations to be future ready by creating an environment of well-being by supporting leaders to develop employee assistance and benefits programs which enable and support employees for current needs as well as for future needs.

  • Support development of a ‘caregiving friendly workplace’ – Diagnostic, Wellness events, Feedback
  • Co-create workplace Policies, Benefits and Programs – Best practices, Design and Impact
  • Business case and support from the C-Suite
  • Partner on implementing new benefits
    • iconWorkshops for managers/co-workers to drive empathy and implementation
    • iconWorkshops and 1:1 counseling/coaching for caregivers/well-wishers – skills and support
    • iconAccess to curated online and offline resources for caregivers/well-wishers
    • iconSupport groups and online forums for caregivers/well-wishers
    • iconVolunteering and CSR activities