For Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals and institutions are pivotal for the healing and well-being of patients and play a significant role for family caregivers as well. The stressed healthcare system in India throws up significant challenges in terms of HCP burnout, reduced healthcare system efficiency and stress for medical students and early professional who are under-skilled in softer skills.

iconDoctors, nurses and healthcare systems as experts for disease-specific information are critical for knowledge transfer of caregiving skills

  • For terminal illnesses chronic and geriatric conditions, they influence the quality of care in the home environment

    • iconPrimary caregiver mediation improves patient, provider and health system outcomes, through “inform-activate-collaborate” interventions

    • iconDoctors and nurses productivity goes up by 50-60% if they

    • Engage and empathize with the caregiver
    • Manage caregiver anxiety through effective and efficient communication
    • Provide guidance to the caregivers for day to day tasks

    Caregiver SaathiCaregiver Saathi™: Works in collaboration with healthcare institutions (hospitals, colleges etc.) to enable and support active and aspiring healthcare professionals. The common goal is to bring "care" back into healthcare, integrating palliative care while enhancing system efficiency and effectiveness

    • Empowering and Nurturing Primary Caregivers:Workshops to co-create caregiving knowledge transfer, importance of self-care and building relationships
    • Enabling HCP’s (active and aspiring):Workshops and certification program for Healthcare Practitioners (doctors/nurses/medical students) covering techniques of self-care, stress management, non-violent communication, holistic care etc.
    • Enhancing Healthcare System Productivity –Leadership workshops, improving layout design, productivity and efficiency trainings etc.

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