For Well-wishers of Caregivers

Most of us know caregivers and want to support them in their difficult journeys. However, very often as well-wishers of caregivers we find that the caregivers are stressed and often moody, irritable, distant or simply difficult to reach. Despite our best intention to be supportive and empathetic, it is difficult and as well-wishers we can feel helpless and inadequate.

The role of a well-wisher is, however, very critical in supporting the caregiver and sometimes nudging them to seek help and replenishment for themselves. The workshops for well-wishers of caregivers equip them with skills and know-how of the challenges in the life of a caregiver so that they can have the right conversations with the caregivers, hold the space for them and provide them the support that they always intended to.

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  • The CaregiverSaathi App

    A combination of tools and techniques to support caregivers in managing their role as well as self-care. This app helps with routines, support systems and other resources

  • Are you a CareGIVER or a CareTAKER?

    How you see yourself and your role has a huge bearing on the kind of support you offer your loved one.

  • 6 PHASES of Caregiving

    Caregiving is a journey with 6 phases, some of these phases are overlapping and as you navigate your caregiving role, it is important to understand what this journey entails

  • What TYPE of a Caregiver are YOU?

    Each one of us is different and so our caregiving styles, approaches and therefore journeys are unique.

  • DIAGNOSTIC: 7 Elements of Caregiver Wellbeing

    Wellbeing of the Caregiver is pivotal for the wellbeing and healing of the patient/ care-receiver/ caree.

  • Caregiver Burnout

    Withdrawing from your friends, family and other loved ones, getting isolated, letting your time being subsumed by your caregiving